As you know, you always have the possibility to come and see 1 to 3 dogs for adoption within the Waf! But where to adopt if we can't find dogs that match us at the Waf? The answer in this article !

Prioritize shelters!

Indeed, dogs in shelters are those who are most in distress and are unfortunately too numerous!

Depending on your department, find the following list
It is important to go directly to the site in order to know the dogs that are compatible with your life, the volunteers will always be there to inform you in order to advise you!

In our area, the LPA refuges of Roubaix and Lille are the closest! Our Potato comes from Roubaix!

Within host family associations!

There are many associations that take in dogs directly from foster families, this is also the case when we take in dogs from associations such as Réflexe Adoption, Action Adoption, Beagle en Nord! The procedure is generally as follows: you fill out a form to meet the dog you would like to adopt, the host family gets in touch with you to set up a meeting!

Find below the list of animal protection associations according to your department; If you can't find their website, feel free to check out their social media; This is often the best means of communication for associations!