Waf in English

Waf in English

If you are not yet convinced that Lille is DEFINITELY the best place to be in France (if not the world), you probably haven’t come to The Waf yet. That’s because we’re the first dog café in Europe! That’s right – a café where not only you can have a tea, cookies, and awesome Sunday brunches, you can also pet our dogoes. Basically heaven on earth.

So how exactly does it work?

We have 7-8 dogs here -they all come from animal rescue centres.

Then, we have 2 to 3 dogs that are for adoption. They are dogs that were previously abandoned, and we keep them with us time for them to find a new happy home!

Awesome! So can I come for a coffee?

Absolutely! The way it works is there is a 8€ entry fee -it includes unlimited tea, coffee and squash, a smoothie, hot chocolate and a soda. If you’re feeling greedy, we also sell cakes for 3 extra euros. If you’re thinking of coming on a week-end or with a big group, we advise you to make a reservation first.

Yey! Where can I find you?

In the “Vieux Lille” quarters, at 57 rue de la Barre.